RepRap Touchscreen


Touch UI for Octoprint

For many 3D Printer owners, a Raspberry Pi is commonplace. Often they are used to run OctoPrint software, or the entire OctoPi distro. This allows wireless controlling and monitoring of your printer. Which is pretty neato.

This is where I decided I wanted to make a little more use of my Prusa Rework’s raspberry pi b+. I decided I would use it to also perform the functions typically handled by the arduino’s green LCD display.

Ordering a $15 WareShare TFT screen from ebay I got underway installing it to the Pi, then mounting the Pi to the Prusa.

Raspberry Pi B+ TouchScreen

Adding A Touchscreen In this guide we used a 4″ Waveshare Spotpear brand touchscreen. It was around $15 from ebay. There are a number of ways you can get your hands on one, or something similar. the hard part is what you do next.   Config driver output

In this file, find the line…

Liquid Cooling Yosemite

Liquid Cooling a Hackintosh

Also Rainbow LED’s and an Arduino just cause.

Here is an article about a recent Hackintosh build I completed. Checkout a full list of components and detail install instructions.

Yosemite 10.10 Server Setup

Yosemite 10.10 Server Setup Special Install Guide   IMPORTANT: Are you going to use the If so you will need to do things a bit differently than most 10.10 LAMP Setups will have you believe. The will move key files and directories around that will change your webserver settings.   The Server…

Lithium PHP [ Li3 ] User Authentication

Creating User Login Forms Simple Authentication in Lithium This is a simple setup to get you started using the Auth module. This will allow you to use the built in Lithium PHP authentication system. Once you get it up and running you can easily assign multiple access controls to different users, or keep w/ the…

Lithium PHP Installer

Composer Bootleg Version Command Line Required Here is the Gist of it Basically this should be placed in your webroot directory, then run it from the command line php li3-bootlegger.php myapp If you are not familiar with Composer, “Composer is a tool for dependency management in PHP. It allows you to declare the dependent…

Raspberry Pi Art Pack

This post contains info and details on some free Raspberry Pi based artwork. Here is a link to my Raspberry Pi Wallpaper for your regular desktop computer or whatever. Its 1920 x 1080 File. This will download and install the drivers and kernel modules that are needed to run the LCD touchscreen. The download is…

Raspberry Pi and OSX Networking

  Getting Netatalk and Avahi Installed We will be installing Netatalk 3.0.6 (released Oct 25th 2013) onto a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian Linux. This will allow you to mount your Raspberry Pi in your Finder window of any Mac OSX operating system, including the newly released Mavericks 10.9. You can simply install the current version…

Mac 10.9 OS X Mavericks tweaks

I mostly hate the color blue. If you want to ditch those blue indicator lights on your dock, you can photoshop them to whatever you want. I altered the color and went with orange. Download the png’s I used here:   orange indicator lights Open your System’s Library folder. There are a number of ways…